Publications and Achievements

January 2014

January 14th Featured Book: The Road Home

December 2013

December 23rd A Brother’s Vow

A Brother's Vow (Final)

Randall Benson didn’t think life could be any better. His job with the family business allowed him to travel and meet new people. His relationship with his girlfriend the model, gave his access to all the red carpet events and parties, yet there was no requirement for him to be faithful. Although his family doesn’t approve of his careless lifestyle, they love him and do whatever they can to keep him from self-destructing. Yet Randall’s only concern is Randall. Randall’s world begins to come undone after a series of unexpected events. As Randall tries to settle down and become more dependable , his twin brother Brian seems to be headed down a path that Randall is way too familiar. Brian makes an unusual request that nonchalantly he agrees to keep. He never thought that he would have to keep his word, but he does. As Randall struggles to fulfill his promise to his brother, he is confronted with challenges from his past. Will he succumb to his past and risk losing everything he’s worked so hard to accomplish?

November 2013

November 23rd Book of the Day: The Road Home

November 29th Article Writing Season’s Greetings from Amelia

 October 2013

October 1st Featured Book: A Brother’s Vow

October 9th Article: Introducing A Brother’s Vow

September 2013

September 29th A Brother’s Vow Featured Book Bookaholic

September 30th Article The Turning Point  featuring the launch of A Brother’s Vow Eaglesnest

August 2013

August 30th Article A Hero For Me 

January 2013 Interview Featuring Season’s Greetings from Amelia

December 2012

December 5th Featured Book :Season’s Greetings from Amelia    

Featured Book: Season’s Greetings from Amelia

December 15th Guest Post: Loneliness Doesn’t Mean That You Are Alone!

December 18th Article: Looking For A Hero?

November 2012

November 9th Season’s Greetings from Amelia


Daisy has the perfect life, beautiful children and a wonderful husband. And Christmas is right around the corner. Tis the season to be jolly… Or is it. Daisy’s life is flipped upside down by strange letters that are sent to her by her best friend, Amelia. And as her life continues to quickly spiral out of control, she realizes that something BIG is about to happen. Can she put aside her confusion, hurt, and anger in order to solve a mystery that may have a horrific ending???? Can Daisy’s life ever return to normal regardless to whether she does or doesn’t?


October 2012

October 26th Television Interview at Friends and Neighbors Channel 57 Featuring The Road Home and Growth Lessons

August 2012

August 6th Interview: Queen of the Week Naty Matos

July 2012

July 26th Article: Celebrate Recovery offers a safe place to share your struggles.

June 2012

June 21st Interview: Andi’s Realm

June 17th Interview Featuring The Road Home: Tracy Ruckman’s Blog

June 13th Interview Featuring The Road Home: Holly Michael’s Writing Straight

Interview Featuring The Road Home: Maryann Benedetto’s Writing Life

June 9th The Road Home 

He was finally coming. He told Desiree that once her task was complete, he would be there to pick her up. And they could finally be together forever. Desiree was finally going to be with the one she loved. But what did she need to do? And how was she going to figure out what it was? Desiree’s life has been less than perfect. All she wanted was to find true love. To everyone on the outside she was beautiful, fun loving, and the life of the party. On the inside Desiree is afraid. Her fear of rejection places her in situtions that will alter her life forever and possible tear her family apart. She has the love and support of a good friend, but more importantly she has her prayers. As Desiree makes changes in her own life, she slowly realizes that her dreams are within her reach. Journey with Desiree as she reflects on her life, through both good and bad times, to discover what is really preventing her from having the ultimate dream. True love!!!

February 2012

February 22nd Article: I want my freedom now

January 2012

January 14th Growth Lessons Featured Book

January 12th Article: Can routine affect our purpose?

January 8th: Growth Lessons Featured Book

January 1rst Interview: Fashion Passion Faith

December 2011

December 31st Interview: Fashion Passion Faith

December 21th Interview:

December 13th Article: What do I like to write about?

December 9th  Interview: Grace and Faith 4 U

December 7th Articles: The Happiness Consultant   Caribbean Christmas Memory

December 4th Article: A God Moment: Finding My Father

November 2011

November 28th  Article: Gifting E-Books

October 2011

October 31 Naty Matos Featured Author Publish or Bust

Growth Lessons As believers we all know the big things that need to change in our lives, but Christianity is a lifestyle. Do you have questions about how to live our daily walk with God? Here’s a book with devotionals based on the Word of God on the day to day life of our Christian walk and inspirational stories to lift your spirits. Growth lessons is available  on for the Kindle version. For paperback you can obtain them at Amazon or Createspace . If you want an e-book autographed go to kindlegraph and submit your request. I’ll personally sign it for you. December 2010 NaNoWriMo “Breaking Free”by Naty Matos *March 2011- First three chapters won honorable mention on “Get Published Writing Contest”

Sept 2010

Living Lessons Living Lessons Cover In this book: Obedience and Willingness by Naty Matos Whispering Angel Books are now available in the Adobe eBook format downloadable to your computer, Barnes & Noble Nook, Sony Reader and more. Go to, or to order. April 2010 The Rising Muse and TRM en espanol were featured at the LA Festival of Books 2010 in the Whispering Angel Books Newsletter. Check it out:



December 1,2009 Nanowrimo “The Road Home” by Naty Matos

September 2009

Hope Whispers Hope Whispers Cover Short Story-“The Janitor” by Naty is in this book Hope Whispers is available at and book stores nationwide

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