I decided to watch a movie the other night, something I had not done in a while. After my 9-5 I needed a change of scenery. I was too tired to write. I didn’t want to watch any of my regular programs, so decided to watch one of the movies I had in my playlist that I had on hold.

Let me start by saying that this movie’s description is not accurate. The description stated that it was related to the lives of some people after 911 and that’s why I had placed it on my playlist. Unless I fell asleep at some point, there’s not a single mention of the events of 911 throughout the movie.

The other thing that caught my attention was that the movie’s quality seems like a low budget movie. However after looking at the cast, I don’t think that’s the truth. This movie includes stars like: Sandra Bullock, Matt Dillon, Don Cheadle, Terrence Howard, Ludacris, Brendan Fraser and those are the ones whose names I could remember.

Aside from the warning to my readers that this is an R rated movie and that it does contain some foul language, the storyline is really good. The movie summarizes the society in which we are living. I can say that it goes beyond racial boundaries,although that’s a heavy topic of the movie. It’s the fact of how our life perceptions and experiences have transformed society into a place of distrust, where we see things beyond reality. A society where our stereotypes limit us from getting to know each other, because we already have formed judgment based on our differences instead of our similarities.

This movie definitely shows us how we are living our lives today without God. It shows the humanity of our prejudices and how in a moment of pressure we can realize the weakness of our flesh, but also how a moment of decision can change our lives. It was quite a good message if you ask me.  Let’s learn to see each other through the eyes of God, instead of the eyes of our flesh.

“ For God sees not as man sees, for man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.” -1 Samuel 16: 7

Until next time, be blessed


“This book is in a class by itself, you will not be able to put it down! The characters pull you in and you begin to feel their emotions. Excellently written. The title fooled me, the saying goes” never judge a book by the cover “and this is one of those books.” By Duezette

Reign over me

Today I watched this movie with Adam Sandler. I like his movies as he tends to be funny; however this movie is far from funny. This is the story of two men with very unhappy lives for different reasons. One, Adam Sandler’s character has turned to total isolation and denial after losing his whole family during the 9/11 terrorist attacks. The other character played by Don Cheadle is a man who has a career, a family but it’s unhappy because he had lost his identity.

The thing that captured my attention about this movie was a scene where Charlie (Adam Sandler) is talking to a counselor and she tells him that until he tells his story nothing is going to change. He decides to open up, not to the counselor, but to his friend and although things got rough for a minute, that was the turning point of things getting better.

It made me think how many times out of shame and guilt we don’t talk about those dark areas in our lives. We’re afraid of being judged and think that some things are better unsaid. I don’t advocate for telling everything to just anybody, but we should always have someone in our lives who is safe for us to share our pain.

Sometimes we think that we should just tell God and things are going to go away, but God says “Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective.”(James 5:16) So the plan was all along to bring the light into our darkness by sharing our pain…that’s the path to healing.

Food for thought

PS. Watch the movie, it has some language, but not to the extreme. It’s a very moving story.