Poll: Script vs Novel

Palace of Westminster - London, England

As always, I like to include my readers in my creative process. Right now I have a debate that I hope you guys can help me sort out. I’ve been looking into a plot. It’s a romantic comedy that for now is called “Christmas in London”. It’s the story of a New York marketing director who meets this English hotel heir, who is trying to bring his brand to the US. Imagine an English male Paris Hilton in a bad mood.

The literary challenge for me in this story is the places. Most of my stories are created in a town, an island, but not a specific place giving my readers the opportunity to imagine their own. This time I wanted to challenge myself to give a specific scenario. To prepare for this, I have inquired with a dear English friend of mine, Google (of course) and I’m looking into some research history books. So what’s the problem with this story? Keep on reading.

Last year I participated in Script Frenzy, which is coming up in April. This is where you write a script of 100 pages or more in 30 days (see a pattern here…LOL) Last year I didn’t even finish the challenge, and I was so close. I gave up at 85 pages. I’ve been encouraged to try again this year and I’m giving it serious consideration. Here’s the dilemma, should I write this plot as a novel or should I experiment with it as my Frenzy Script… What do you think? What would you like?

I have created a poll on the side of the page that I will keep up until February 28th, 2011. Your participation is encouraged and appreciated. Your comments are appreciated and well received too.

Ten days to go

It seems so closed and so far at the same time. April has flown away. I can’t believe that during nanowrimo, I had written over 150 pages by this time of the month and I have not been able to make it to the dreaded 100 this time. There’s so much of the story left to write and only ten days left. So the real question is , will I’ll be able to finish this script in the next ten days and hopefully with more than a hundred pages. Let the writing continue.

Crossed midpoint

The script has crossed the mid point in terms of pages and in terms of the story; we are slightly ahead of schedule, but not much advantage to spare. The irony of this story is that who I created as a supporting character is taking center stage and I’m not sure I want to squeeze her into the back again. I’m actually enjoying the things that are occurring and how they are developing. I may just have to change the title at the end. 60/ 100, we are almost there!

Painful writing

Someone brought to my attention today that I had stopped my script frenzy updates. I guess it’s because I’m having so many difficulties with this script, it’s hard for me to describe the already painful experience after using what is left of my brain in actually describing what these characters are supposed to be doing.  As my readers know this is my first script.

I truly believe that God is teaching me something through this experience; get out of your comfort zone. I’m a novelist. I can write a short stories and essays. I’ve even done a poem or two and even received recognition for some of them in earlier years. Why is this so hard? I don’t know if it’s the structure of it, or the unfamiliarity. I have to admit that I struggle adapting  to new things, so I guess this writing experience is a reflection not only of where my life is, but also where God is taking me. Now, I am almost 95% sure that God doesn’t want me to be a script writer, that’s not what I’m saying. He’s calling me to move out of my comfort zone and take risks and experience new things. It does sound great in theory, who doesn’t like something new.  Nobody tells you that just like a beautiful vase that needs first to be molded and placed in the fire to get to that final product; those new things that we’re embracing have a struggle of their own.

This weekend I was about to throw in the towel. I have already written in my mind the blog posting announcing my withdrawal from the competition, then an e-mail came through. It was from one of our frenzy sponsors advising us of what they call, “the moment”, and how to get over it. The email busted every excuse I had come up to get out of the race…once again, I was busted! So I sat in front of my computer and wrote another six pages. Even with my kicking and screaming. Amazingly I’m ahead of schedule.

The story…, it’s not quite what I had envision. It has taken a life of its own, but even then I’m enjoying it again.  So here’s where we are… Page 44/100 of my script on Day 12.

Progress in quality not quantity

Part of the challenge of not knowing what you’re doing is that you may have done tons of work and it could be done wrong. Last night after writing, I decided to look into our frenzy resources page and realized that there was specific software that helps you format scripts. I subscribed to one of them and had to reformat all that I had written. So today instead of progressing in my story, the time allotted went to reformatting the story. Thank God I’m ahead of schedule and that I found http://www.scripped.com

Day 5 Script Frenzy 26/100

More than expected; since I am ahead of schedule, I figured I would do just a page, but the inspiration hit and was able to do much more. I don’t have a structure of where I’m going with this story, but I do know that it’s taking a life of its own. I’ve been able to enter some not necessary comedy, but some sarcasm to the story, through the sister of the bride. She’s the voice of reason. This one is definitely going to be more than a 100 pages, so now my goal is not so much the page count, but to actually finish the story.

Day 4 Script Frenzy 22/100

It was a productive writing day I’ve been thinking all day on how to make this funny. I placed some physical humor. There is nothing better than a couple accidentally knocking themselves over in their honeymoon to make some great memories. Thinks are getting hairy for my main character. She’s starting to discover that her husband and she have different expectations and goals. They just made it home from the honeymoon. We’ll see what will happen next.

Day 1 Script Frenzy Day 6/100

First day of the frenzy; not really sure of what I’m doing, but here we go. I plan to get some type of format at the library this weekend, because I’m writing, but I’m not even sure that what I’m doing is right. For those who don’t know what I’m doing, this is a competition of writing a script with a minimum of 100 pages starting April1rst and submitting the script no later than April 30th.

Today’s countdown 6/100   94 to go!