My smile
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Have you ever pondered on how much a smile can affect another person, including yourself? I honestly had not thought about it until I discovered it myself in the craziest of ways.

 Doodling at my desk at work, I pulled out a post it and drew some eyes a nose and a smile. I pulled the post it on the top of my computer screen. I know it’s totally silly and those of you who know me know that I have more than one screw missing. Every morning when I start working I see that post it and it makes me smile. That is a piece of paper (yes, I’m not that crazy…I do know it’s not real) Can you imagine, the impact that it can have on people around you if YOU who are real gave away a smile?

In this new era of technology where most of our communication is hidden behind some kind of gadget we tend to forget the basics about how to relate to others. We were created to connect, to form relationships. So smile today, smile a lot, to all those around you and if you’re like me, hidden in a cubicle, create your own smile!

Job 9:27
‘I will forget my complaint, I will change my expression, and smile,”

Have a blessed day!

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