Having a bad writing day, week, season… you get the idea!

Some women experience bad hair days, I think I’m having a bad writing day (or season) not all days are inspired in a writer’s mind. Some days words flow and some days it’s really hard work. Even I’ve had great revelations when I’ve been tired or sick, but lately it’s like my brain has ran out of steam and finding the ways to express myself has been nothing less than challenging.

I guess it’s because I’m trying to force myself to write in a certain way, my head is not going in the direction that I’m trying to steer it. So it basically has come to a halt. I’ve been having somewhat of what I have called writer’s ADD. Multiple ideas, stories and sentences are all popping into my head not enough to do anything with them or that would make any sense and by the time I sit down to write, they are gone. Having lost the routine of walking around with my netbook, which has been in ICU for a while, giving me only glimpses of available usage every now and again; I have missed plenty of opportunities of random usable muses that have crossed this brain of mine. (My netbook has been crashing and freezing and now that finally I can get a new one, I’m emotionally attached to the dysfunctional one and can’t part from it. You don’t have to say it, I know!!)

I went to the website of writer Lisa Scottoline. I recently read one of her latest non-fiction books; she’s funny and real and I wanted to gain some perspective from a professional writer. On her website,  She was talking about the everyday of a writer. She has a word count goal everyday. I started thinking that I write most days, but not everyday. Not because I don’t want to, I just don’t do it. Ironically, the day I don’t write I spend the day agonizing about the fact that I have not written a thing.

 Then I started feeling insecure about my writing. I think most writers would agree that there are days when you write exceptional things and some days you just write junk. I think that’s part of why there are some days where I don’t do the commanded “butt and chair” exercise of writing is because I already know in my head that whatever is coming out is junk and I don’t like to write junk. So I get discourage before even sitting to write trying to achieve perfectionism, where do you even find such thing?

I had read about writing everyday before, I want to come up with a reasonable word count goal, as I’m not yet (calling it in faith) a full time writer and I hold a normal 8-5 job and a life, (well something like a life…hahaha!) I don’t consider writing a hobby. Writing is a part of me; it’s my way of expression, so even when today I think that my writing sucks, I don’t think I could stop doing it. The times that I did, I felt dead and I’m not going backwards. Writing like anything in life takes practice, so the more I write, the better it would get.

I decide today to start writing everyday, (not necessarily a blog post). I’ll think of my reasonable word count after a few more hours of sleep, right now I couldn’t decide between chocolate or vanilla ice cream. I promise to start browsing for a new laptop, and pray that I fall in love again with one that will follow me for a few more years in this journey.  I chose to just abandon myself in the words and allow them to flow instead of trying to control them…that’s why they don’t want to come out…LOL! …and look, who knew? I had tons to say from someone who didn’t know what to write about! (All 650 words and all 🙂 )

10 thoughts on “Having a bad writing day, week, season… you get the idea!

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  2. I recently came back to writing after about a 15 year break. It’s been tough to tap into the creative flow. Morning Pages (from Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way) help a lot. It definitely helps to make a writing routine and/or appointments and stick to them. I tend to procrastinate a lot. So, recently I discovered that I could procrastinate and still get something done…I procrastinate by writing or editing something else. At least then I’ve worked on something even if it isn’t my main project.

  3. Thanks for your vulnerability in this post b/c, to be honest, I had once again begun to slip into thinking that there were some people who simply didn’t struggle with writing. I mean, if there was anyone who didn’t struggle wouldn’t it be “the rising muse?” Personally, I find the interviews of writers in the periodical Writer’s Digest helpful. They remind me that even the most prolific writers A. consider the task of writing as just that–a task. B. have “off” periods C. have to set in place very mechanical motivations (e.g. word counts/day) or barriers (e.g. a solitary room with only writing utensil and canvas) to avoid the temptation of not-writing.

    1. I know the rising muse out of muse, but it happens. LOL! I follow Writer’s Digest on twitter, but I have not checked their articles. I’ll check them out. I have an office that I don’t use for writing, I’m slowly creating my “perfect” area in my bedroom to try to have just the right amount of necessary distractions to write.

  4. Interesting. What if you went old school and carried around a pen and notepad (actual paper), or napkins or just wrote on anything? Then you could get your ideas down and revisit them later – takes a lot of stress off your shoulders if you get at least a skeleton idea down on paper and know you don’t need to worry about remembering it.

  5. I’m with you. Finally I’m getting my motivation back after a long dry spell. It helps to read books about writing, and tips for time management. Currently I’ve been trying to write for 5-minute blocks. That’s such a short amount of time, it’s hard to make excuses about it.

    Many blessings on your efforts,

    1. Thanks for stopping by. I just came from checking out your blog and really enjoyed it. I like that idea of 5 minutes at a time and also just WRITE! the editing will make it something readable.

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