Reviews and Endorsements

There comes a time in the process of publishing a book where the newbie writers need to find someone with credibility to endorse their book. The popular notion is to find a celebrity that would say something about your book and that will draw people to buy it. I’m not sure how I feel about that. I’m sure that part of it is because when I look at my contact list there are no celebrities listed in there. But more than that I place myself in the buyer’s shoes and I don’t know how much a celebrity endorsement would sway me either way to a purchase.

I found this blog yesterday, and yes I would agree that if Oprah was promoting sack potato dresses they would fly off the shelves, I just don’t see the translation to books. I would probably be more incline to by a celebrity book than a celebrity endorsed book.

I’m a twihard (Twilight series fan) and I’m honestly not into vampires and werewolves, but my friends wouldn’t shut up about the books, so I went bought the first one and got hooked. I admit that I’ve read them all, seen all the movies and I’m secretly in love with Edward, (and hate Bella… Even after her redemption I couldn’t get over her nonsense) On the other hand if I see a book endorsed by Stephanie Meyer it would not move me to buy it just for the fact that she’s endorsing it. The topic of the book needs to capture my interest and the first few pages need to lock my attention in order for me to buy the book.

In my genre, I’ve bought several books from Joyce Meyer, but once again I’m not sure that her endorsement of a new author would automatically make me purchase the book. Yes, it may make me take a look at it, but not necessarily get my debit card out of the wallet.

Now good reviews on a book, and like with Twilight, having friends talk about it will probably get my wallet out of my purse a little quicker.

As always I want to hear your thoughts. My writer readers, how important do you think endorsements are for your books? My reader fans, would a celebrity endorsement influence you in any way towards buying a book?

Looking forward to your comments


2 thoughts on “Reviews and Endorsements

  1. I totally agree Stacy. I’m still with paper books and the first few pages and the blurb are my sell. I read reviews and hear from friends. I am slowly catching up with technology so it’s good to know that e-books are providing that kind of info. Thanks for your visit 🙂

  2. I think word of mouth is always the best. Just because a popular author likes a book doesn’t mean I’m going to. I do trust the word of good friends, because I know their tastes. That and the back cover blurb is usually what I go by. And now with my Nook, I can dl samples before I purchase, which is awesome.

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