Testing the waters

One of my struggles throughout the year is finding time to write. I have a regular full-time job. I have a lot of ministry responsibilities. I have an elder mother who somewhat depends on me. So when I’m home,sometimes the cleaning, the finally having a chance to sleep or finally having a moment to have dinner with a friend cuts those moments short. I still manage to do it, but some days are more challenging than others.

I think my biggest challenge is that I’m a night person and have the ability to be up and ready early for my regular job I had to be in bed by a certain time. I’m not complaining at all. I’m very grateful for the job that I have, I’m just stating a fact.

This past week I had the opportunity to see what my life as a full-time writer would look like for the first time. In the past when I took a vacation, it was to do a specific errand or travel. This time I took my vacation time to write. As you all know I’m participating in NaNoWrimo and today starts the second day week of the challenge.

I was concerned that I could not be disciplined enough to be home, do what I needed to do and keep up with my writing. I’m proud to say that I proved myself wrong. Since I’m a night person, I woke up early, not by choice but my dog can’t walk herself. I prepared a full breakfast. I have not had one of those in years. I did loads of laundry, worked on my platform for a few hours in social media, read some of my educational blogs, finished the questions for an upcoming interview, by then it was lunch time. I took a quick nap (30 minutes) because I had gone to bed at 3am.  Got up, took a shower and went to my first hosted write-in where I cranked an additional 2k words. As of now I’ve written a total of 30,000 words and it’s just been a week. I know that this is a first draft that requires a lot of revision, but I actually enjoyed the pace of life I had during that week, and I honestly worked harder than my usual weeks.

This gives me hope, that yes, in God’s will and in due time, I can be discipline enough to make my gift, my full-time job and lifestyle.

Wrimos, lets keep on writing!!!

Be blessed.

5 thoughts on “Testing the waters

  1. Nancy you are absolutely right, it is about attitude and dedication. I don’t have a husband or children. I’m sure that would make it more challenging. I do have a lot of church responsibilities that occupy a lot of my time. This experience just motivated me more. Thank you!
    Satin Sheet, good luck on your retreat. Please let me know how it goes. 🙂

  2. I’m planning my writing retreat for, of all times, the Thanksgiving holiday. I’m miles away from family, won’t have any real obligations except maybe to visit with my boyfriend’s family. I am going to see what it’s like for just a day to be a self-employed, full time writer. I already know I’m going to like it. LOL.

    Great post!

  3. Naty, it’s all about attitude, isn’t it? I consider my husband and home top priority. Then comes the church, and then comes my writing. My four children and six grandchildren fit in among the cracks in all of it. I agree, we do what we want to do, and yes, anything is possible if we want it bad enough. Continued success to you, my friend. Blessings!

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