Get off your soapbox…

How many times when we are ranting about any subject we are told to get off our soapboxes? I found myself in a situation like that and it was me who told myself to get off the soapbox. But a writer’s mind keeps always thinking about words and after the words left my mouth I wondered where did this phrase come from. So if you’re wondering too, join me in a little history lesson…

Sometime in the 19th century, after WWI groups would gather in public places to listen to orators discuss different topics of interest: politics, religion, etc. In order to lift the speaker from the crowd they usually utilized a wooden box to stand on and do their speeches.

At the time soap was packed in sturdy wooden crates that made it easy and convenient for this orators to utilize them. Not only they were free, as they were disposed after being shipped to their destinations, but they were easy to carry around and sturdy enough to hold the speakers.

Although things have evolved tremendously, it is considered now any forum of public expression as some kind of soapboxing. So websites and blogs utilized for expressing opinions are the new forms of a soapbox. Who knew? Therefore join me every Monday, Wednesday and Friday on my little inspirational soapbox. I enjoy it very much.

Also remember that Growth Lessons is 99cents only until the end of the year. Time is ticking and it would be a great stuffing stocker.

Have a blessed day!

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