Interview with Author Amy McGuire

I met this young woman recently and really thought you guys would be interested in meeting her as well. Amy is a Christian Romance author who recently published a book and has a very interesting story to tell.

Amy, welcome to The Rising Muse… Please tell us…What do you do when you are not writing? I’m taking care of my almost four-year-old daughter, leading a tutoring program on a Thursday night or, if I’m lucky, reading a good book. Of course, I’m supposed to be editing the next book in the series, but I’m also a really, really good procrastinator. Maybe I should write a book on procrastination. Then again, I can always do that later.

Oh, I understand that very well. I think most writers can relate to you. You write romance…How did you choose the genre you write in? I didn’t actually choose the genre. It kind of chose me. I wrote the story originally as a kind of escape when I needed time to myself while my ten-month-old daughter napped. As I put my book on various critique sites I discovered that my biggest readership was the 13-19 crowd. And so, this book landed squarely in the young adult genre.

Very interesting. It’s always good to know, Where do you get your ideas? A lot of my characters are based on people I know, places I’ve been and situations I have either heard about or been involved in somehow. The world around me is my inspiration for a lot of plot lines, as well as my childhood.

Amy, What project are you working on now?  I’m editing and marketing Sweet Love in e-book format as well as preparing it for paperback edition. My biggest project is the editing and preparation of The Essence of Romance, Volume Two in The Heart’s Five Senses saga which comes out in e-book format on December 12 of this year and paperback soon after.

Can you share with us What was your favorite chapter (or part) to write? I have to choose one? It’s a bit of a tie between Quito and New Years Eve. I really enjoyed writing the description of the parade in Quito and fell in love with my characters while writing New Years Eve. Both chapters have a different element of romance that I really had a blast writing. Quito’s romance is the colors, sounds and overall tactile sense of the old city while New Years Eve is a more emotional romance. Both, I hope, will make my readers very happy.

And Finally, Do you have any advice to give to aspiring writers? If you’re willing to work to hone your craft, you can turn out a great book. If you want to have others enjoy your book you need to do a LOT of editing. No bestselling author ever turns out an error free book on the first try. Even writers like John Grisham have been known to have typos in their book. If you’ve been told you have a talent for writing, don’t listen to the naysayers. Follow your heart and write. Even if you’re never published, or you never make it to the bestseller list, you’ll be doing what you love.

Guys, I just got a copy of Sweet Love, I will soon let you know my thoughts on it, so stay tuned.

About Amy McGuire

First Choice brightened upAmy is the youngest of three children of missionary parents. As a result, her childhood was spent mostly in East Africa. She now lives in Ontario with her husband, young daughter, two cats and plants that she keeps forgetting to water.  Almost from the moment she could pick up a pen she has been writing stories and poetry.  She developed a love of English Literature at a young age and considers William Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night and Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudicetwo of the most romantic books ever written.  She began writing comedies in middle school and by junior high had graduated to writing romances.  Her favorite way to spend a sunny afternoon is on a lounge chair with a good novel, some chocolate and soft tunes off her rather eclectic collection of Cds.  She has written many stories but never dreamt of publishing them until her husband gave her a nudge in 2009.

About Sweet Love

Sweet Love Cover (Final)She’s a city girl from Quito, Ecuador. He’s a small town boy from the mountains of Hope Valley, British Columbia. In his opinion she’s beautiful yet spoiled. In her opinion he’s a judgmental snob who thinks he knows everything. Can they set aside their preconceptions, become friends and take a chance on love? Or will they be forever separated when a tragic accident claims the life of someone close to them both?
Anjaline Sutherland thought she would live in Quito forever and eventually become an award winning journalist. In pursuit of her dream she has finally convinced her stepfather and mother to send her to the prestigious Cotopaxi Academy in the fall. Just when everything seems to be going her way, her stepfather announces that his job will be moving to Hope Valley, British Columbia in June. Torn from the only home and friends she has ever known, Anjaline anticipates a short, painful stay in Hope Valley. In spite of her prejudice toward Hope Valley and its residents she finds herself falling in love with the tiny village nestled between the Coastal Mountains and the Pacific Ocean. She is immediately attracted to Gabriel Walker but he wounds her pride with his apparent disinterest. Can she convince the boy with the fathomless eyes to glance her way?
Gabriel Walker enjoys his own company. He could happily spend hours carving toys for his baby brother or fully immersed in a school project. He sees his friends once a week and is content with the arrangement. All seems to be right in his world. That is, until the new anthropologist arrives with his teenage daughter in tow. From the moment Gabriel spots Anjaline staring down into the creek which runs through the center of Hope Valley he is pulled to her beauty. As soon as he admits the attraction his self esteem takes a nose dive. Her gratitude after he saves her from certain death only serves to strengthen his resolve to avoid her-and the way she makes him feel-at all costs. Can he overcome his natural shyness and fear of rejection to take the first step toward friendship? Or will Robin or Damian win Anjaline’s heart first?

4 thoughts on “Interview with Author Amy McGuire

  1. Lydia

    I really enjoyed reading this interview! Well written and well spoken! Congratulations Amy on your beautiful first book–I loved it!

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