Presenting: The Road Home

The day has finally arrived. We are launching the long awaited, thought provoking contemporary novel… The Road Home.

As a treat to all my readers, click on the picture below and read the first chapter for free.

Are you ready for more? Just follow the link to your e-reader.



3 thoughts on “Presenting: The Road Home

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  2. Donna

    I am so excited. Let me know when it comes out as I want to buy it and if I could ask that the author sign my book for me. Congrats on sticking to the tried and true. Good job my sister.

    1. Well, it’s out on Kindle and Nook and those wanting an e-autograph can do so through But I know what you mean. The printed version will be out in 2-3 weeks. Thanks for all your support Donna 🙂

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