Messages by John Hileman

If you’re like me, someone who loves action, this is the book for you. Messages will keep you on the edge of your seat. Actually I was really unhappy every time I had to put it down to do things like sleeping or doing housework, who needs to do all of that when you are in the middle of someone about to be blown up?

This book also has some great messages, no pun intended. Regardless of the level of your relationship with God; the messages in this book will either enlighten you or remind you of the things you take for granted. Faith is determined by following the unseen and that’s what David Chance has to learned through his journey of following messages floating on random words written all around him in a mission from God. But he’s not even sure that God even exists. It’s really a great book and the more you read the more it grabs your attention and sucks you into the action.

We watch David grow and mature in a matter of two days through the challenges presented to him. Everything he knew to be true is shaken as surprise after surprise of those things around him surface. You have to read this book and then come and tell me what you thought of it. You may join and add to the other 43 five stars reviews that this wonderful book already has received.

John Michael Hileman lives in central Maine with his loving wife, precious daughter, and hygienically-challenged, crazy-haired, teenage boy. He is a self-taught musician, singer, songwriter, graphic artist, television producer, and, oh yeah– he writes books.
When John isn’t working or writing, he’s usually making people laugh by saying stuff like, “I’d give my right arm to be ambidextrous,” or “When life throws you lemons, DUCK!”

3 thoughts on “Messages by John Hileman

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