What am I writing?

I just wanted to share with all my readers some things about my current work in progress. I guess it will help me be accountable to finishing this book. I better do something about it since I think it would be a great story for all you romantics on Valentine’s Day.

I’m also part of a blog hop with some other awesome writers, so here are the questions for this blog.

Title: My promise to keep

Where did the idea come from?

I was listening to romantic music. I can’t remember the song, but I do know that’s when I thought of writing this book.

Genre: Romance

What actors would play your character in a movie version?

My first thought with this question was Antonio Banderas or John Stamos, but then I remember that my memories of these two are from when they a lot younger and my main character is a lot younger than these fine men are now, so I would have to say Ian Somerhalder

Short Synopsis

When Janet and Paul got married they had very little. Their primary mission was to build the business for the five children. The other thing very important to them was their faith. Now as adults, they all worked together with their parents in the family business. The youngest children were Brian and Randall, they are twins. They couldn’t be more different. Brian is a Momma’s boy. Randall is a wild party animal.  Before tragedy hits, Brian makes Randall promise something that will change his life. Will Randall be able to fulfill the promise?

Agency Representation

No, I self-publish

How long did it take to write the first draft?

I’m two chapters away from the end.

Anything to add?

At this point I honestly don’t know how this book will end, but I’m so looking forward to see how the story will conclude. It’s my first time writing so many characters in one story and it’s been quite a fun experience.

While you all wait for this masterpiece to be written check out these great authors.

Diana Brandmeyer http://www.dianabrandmeyer.com

Staci Stallings http://spiritlightbooks.wordpress.com

season (1)Talking about recent work. Check out my new novella “Season’s Greetings from Amelia” . This great novella brings mystery, suspense and the best stocking stuffer for your favorite e-reader. You can get your copy for just 0.99 cents on Kindle,Smashwords and Nook only during the month of December.

Many Blessings

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