While I was writing my post from Wednesday, “Come Forth” I kept thinking of this song. As with any relationship, our walk with Christ has it’s peaks and valleys. I’ve discovered in my own walk that I create my own valleys by getting caught up in the details instead of focusing on the mission.

The enemy is quite savvy at distracting us from our purpose in life. He doesn’t do it boldly but chipping away slowly until we find ourselves far away from where we started or where we were supposed to be headed.

I am frequently asked, how to achieve that fire and embrace the will of God? Although it sounds simple, its actually difficult for some. My answer is simply: surrender. If there’s anyone that can take whatever is broken and not fix it, but make it new, that is our Lord.

God has never left, we are the ones who walk away. When we find ourselves in those desert moments in our faith, usually there’s something that’s either dead or that needs to die inside of us so that we can live the promised life to the fullest.

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full. John 10:10

Did I say that I love this song? If I did, just join me in worship and let’s revive our fire through His resurrection.

Until then, be blessed.


In Growth Lessons, I was reminded of this beautiful truth: Our walk with the Lord is a process of growing up into the image of Christ. P. Yates

I would recommend this book for anyone who would like some common sense and light added to their life. C. Cunningham

Great for meditations and daily devotions. N. Thames

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