Book Review:Unseen

I have to admit that I was a little skeptical as I started reading this book. I had read John Michael Hileman’s book “Messages” some time ago and somehow at the beginning it seemed to follow the same pattern. So I told myself to just keep reading since I had already started. I’m so glad I did.

The book is very different than “Messages” and their only similarity is that it’s a book you will not be able to put down.

Trying as always not to spoil the book for you, I will try to describe the context. This is the story of a man whose nephew has been abducted by a serial killer. All of the sudden the man starts seeing what he thinks are ghosts of children. At the beginning he thought these ghosts were there to give him clues to find his nephew, but that was far from the truth.

Now to those who have read the book I do have a question. Was the flower to be kept a life Aiyana or the neighbor’s baby?

If you want to know what I’m talking about, get this wonderful book.


Life for Jake Paris is stable and ordinary–until a mysterious old woman pays him a visit and he begins to have encounters with unruly children everywhere he goes-children only he can see. When Jake’s estranged sister, Holly, finds herself the target of a national serial killer who has chosen her son as his next victim, Jake begins to wonder if there is a connection. Could these children be the ghosts of the killer’s victims? As the kidnapper’s plan unfolds, Jake uncovers a startling secret about the unseen children that will change his life forever–and Holly discovers just how far she is willing to go to save her son. A riveting story of rescue, restoration, and romance that will leave you thinking long after the last page has been turned.

Book Review: Eyelash

I have to admit that I struggled with this book a little. It has a somewhat slow beginning, but when a book makes me forget that I’m reading and gets me inside the action feeling all sorts of emotions, you can’t deny that it is a good book!

This is the story of a couple of professionals who decide to leave the hustle and bustle of New York City to open a bed and breakfast near the city. The first issue is that they don’t share the excitement about the decision. It’s the husband, Dan, who being sick with his corporate job who wants out and into the entrepreneurship life. On the other hand, his wife Laina, is very happy with her career and the prospect of growth, but in an unexpected turn of events those prospects are cut off and in a swift decision she agrees to move to Cape May to open up the B&B.

And you would think that the business went bad or something and that’s the issue. No. Dan, who was the one who wanted the B&B decides to be the entertainment director ( just to give himself a title) and leave all the hard work to his wife. I admit that for the large part of the book I was super angry with Dan and wanted to see him suffer greatly. The author’s heart is better than mine and she did put him through some hurdles, but I wanted a little bit more.hahaha!

The kicker to this story is that Laina has a cousin, Tia. Who decides to invite her to Las Vegas so that she can catch a break from the life at the B&B. Laina accepts not only because she needs the time away, but because her inconsiderate husband needs to experience how much she does and how much of him is required to run the B&B.

All those who know about my reviews know that I hate to spoil the fun, but let me just say this; I literally read the last two chapters with my mouth open.

This is a great book to read by a poolside or the beach, when you want some lighthearted reading. Good job Mary Anne Benedetto. I look forward to reading more from this author.

Mary Anne Benedetto is a speaker, blogger, Certified Lifewriting Instructor, ghostwriter and author of 7 Easy Steps to Memoir Writing: Build a Priceless Legacy One Story at a Time!,Eyelash and Never Say Perfect. She enjoys world travel and walking the spectacular South Carolina beaches. Web site:  Blogs:


Book Review: High Desert Haven

I have to start by saying that I’m not much of a historian, but decided to give this book a try. This book gets you from the prologue, you start wondering what’s going to happen to Nicki, therefore you’re not going to put it down.

This is a story of a woman who starts by being sold to a man for marriage and ends up teaching us the strength of faith throughout her life. Through her story we confirmed that God will show up and show out on time in your direst moments.

This book not only talks about provision. This book has action and lots of it. There were times where I had to sit up straight asking myself when are they going to catch this evil man. It also shows how God’s vengeance always comes to those who are bad to his children.

What I also liked about this book is that it shows what living in community looks like. Now with our lifestyles we rarely get to experience that life, where neighbors would help each other and really worked together for the well being of the community.

I recommend this book to any Christian, romantic, historical fiction buff. I really enjoyed it.

Lynnette Bonner

lynnettebonnerBorn and raised in Malawi, Africa. Lynnette Bonner spent the first years of her life reveling in warm equatorial sunshine and the late evening duets of cicadas and hyenas. The year she turned eight she was off to Rift Valley Academy, a boarding school in Kenya where she spent many joy-filled years, and graduated in 1990.
That fall, she traded to a new duet–one of traffic and rain–when she moved to Kirkland, Washington to attend Northwest University. It was there that she met her husband and a few years later they moved to the small town of Pierce, Idaho.
During the time they lived in Idaho, while studying the history of their little town, Lynnette was inspired to begin the Shepherd’s Heart Series with Rocky Mountain Oasis.
Marty and Lynnette have four children, and currently live in Washington where Marty pastors a church.

Book Description

Is Jason Jordan really who he says he is?HDHFrontCover3x5
Everything in Nicki’s life depends on the answer.
Oregon Territory, 1887
When her husband dies in a mysterious riding accident, Nicki Trent is left with a toddler and a rundown ranch. Determined to bring her ranch back from the brink of death, Nicki hires handsome Jason Jordan to help. But when William, her neighbor, starts pressing for her hand in marriage, the bank calls in a loan she didn’t even know about, bullets start flying, and a burlap dummy with a knife in its chest shows up on her doorstep, Nicki wonders if this ranch is worth all the trouble.
To make matters worse, terrible things keep happening to her neighbors. When her friend’s homestead is burned to the ground and William lays the blame at Jason’s feet, Nicki wonders how well she knows her new hand…and her own heart.
A desperate need. Malicious adversaries. Enticing love.
Step into a day when outlaws ran free, the land was wild, and guns blazed at the drop of a hat.

Lynnette Bonner

Book Review: Love Letters to my Queen Bride

llbookI think this has been one of the most challenging book reviews I’ve written recently. The reason for that is that I can’t find enough words to describe this book, but I think it can be summarized as live changing.

When I started reading this book I had to stop myself, this is not a book you read in one sitting. This book has to be savor in bits and pieces, no more than a letter a day. Each letter is so rich with love, energy and spiritual enlightenment.

On a day like today where people have chosen to celebrate true love, I chose to celebrate the source of Love, and this book is a great way to understand the Love of God. Love Letters are letters that seem written personally by the hand of God expressing in simple English his love, his need for us, the way he sees us and his purpose for our lives. This book is bible based and it speaks so much truth. I recommend this book for every woman and if you have teenage daughters, this is an awesome gift to give them. It’s never too early to understand where real love is found.

Now let’s meet the author behind this awesome book:

bethBeth Walker has been married to her husband, Ben, for over 40 years. She is the mother of three adult children and seven grandchildren that she adores.

After raising her children she founded a Christian counseling center where she served as director and counselor for sixteen years. She also founded and directed in her home town Drug Free Clubs for high risk youth at 23 sites. For over eleven years she has led an interdenominational worship group. She also has served as a Christian speaker, Sunday school teacher, and Eucharistic minister.

Among the various organizations that she has served as volunteer include the Board of the Montgomery Mental Health Association for twelve years and the Montgomery Board of Women’s Aglow International.

She is quick to say only through the help of the Holy Spirit was she able to do anything and will be able to do anything in the future. Her passion is Christ. She says, soaking in worship and then listening to Him, after knowing His word is the only way to go.

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Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Book Review: The Elite of the Weak by Precarious Yates

I admit that I’m not an “end of times” type of person, in terms of the biblical context. I do love movies like Armageddon and all the end of times things Hollywood puts out there. Maybe because somewhere inside of me I think that the bible version of it is the real deal, so it’s too real for me and Hollywood is not, so it makes me feel better just to see the meteors explode and that kind of thing.

Even then, I ventured to read the book “The Elite of the Weak” by my friend, Author Precarious Yates. This book has non stop action. As Christians we talk a lot about being in a war and being soldiers for the Lord, if you ever need a practical image of what that war looks like and what being part of the Army of God would mean, especially during these times; this is the book to read.

These characters show such passion for God in the midst of their own personal pain, their devotion, their worship was truly admirable. There’s a warm love story included, which is very sweet and it almost makes you forget the dangers of the war that was going on, but they quickly send you back into action.  This book is the first of a series and the author is already in warning that the next one better be out soon.

Even if the end of times is not your thing, even when the book is classified as Young Adult (YA) in genre, if you have a love for the Lord and want to have an image of what it is to live a life that tries to see through his eyes and feel through his heart, this book is for you. And by the way, I totally think this book should be made into a movie and I would be the first one to be in line to see it.

Now what is the book about? I don’t like spoilers. I hate when I go see a movie with someone who has seen it and tries to tell me about it, but I know you need some information.

Hadassah is a very unusual teenager. Instead of learning how to bake cookies from her mother, she’s learning to become a spy, but not any kind of spy… a spy for the army of God.  You will see the dangerous missions in which she’s involved and all the technology involved, very Mission Impossible type thing.  She wants to become part of the R. S. O.  (Revelations Special Operations- a CIA espionage type organization with a Christian mission) and she is accepted and that’s when the fun begins.

Have you read this book? If you have, let me know your thoughts on it. If you haven’t, this eBook it’s only 99 cents on Amazon. You have to get it and then come back and share your thoughts.

Author Precarious Yates- Born in Cambridge, England, I grew up under the shadow of Yale University in New Haven, CT. With my two older brothers, I spent my teen years living the rock & roll lifestyle. My dad, an Episcopal minister and biblical scholar, had a strong hand in leading me to the Lord when I was 20. Since the moment of my radical conversion, I’ve dedicated my life to the calling of the Gospel, going where the wind of the Spirit leads. After 4 years of church planting in Ireland, my husband, Logan, and I returned to the States to adopt our beautiful daughter. Today, we live in Texas and enjoy watching her grow into a young woman after God’s own heart.

I chose the name Precarious because a human heart is a precarious place to share the Gospel from, but that is what the Lord bids us to do. Yates is a family name.

Many blessings


Book Review: Megan’s Way

It’s been a while since I’ve read a book to completion. My hectic schedule doesn’t allow to much leisure time to really sit down and read. I had heard about this book and read the reviews in Amazon, and like I do for most purchases, I read the bad reviews instead of the good ones and in my opinion they were not fair at all.

Megan’s Way is a true page turner. Let me place this in true perspective for you. I obtained this as an e-book, which is kind of a new concept for me, and my Kindle application is in my phone and I sat for hours in that little screen until I finished because I could not put it down. That’s what I mean about a true page turner.

This book has drama, action, love and a gut wrenching plot. I’ll try not to spoil much of it, but this is the very sad story of a mother of a teenager, her journey out of this world due to a terminal illness and how she stayed connected to this daughter after passing. She was loved and cherished by those around her, but she was not perfect. Megan is very real and relatable to any women’s struggles in life. Megan’s Way places in perspective the strong connection between parents and their children. The book also has a spiritual component.

When I walk away from a book I want more than entertainment, I want to learn something from it and Melissa Foster delivered that. This book reminds you the fact that life is very short, that we should not waste time in superfluous issues and move into what our purpose is. Finally I walked away with the reminder that our connections with others is all we truly take with us after we leave this world.

It is a must read book, but if you are very sensitive make sure your box of tissues is close by.

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Be blessed