Book Review: Megan’s Way

It’s been a while since I’ve read a book to completion. My hectic schedule doesn’t allow to much leisure time to really sit down and read. I had heard about this book and read the reviews in Amazon, and like I do for most purchases, I read the bad reviews instead of the good ones and in my opinion they were not fair at all.

Megan’s Way is a true page turner. Let me place this in true perspective for you. I obtained this as an e-book, which is kind of a new concept for me, and my Kindle application is in my phone and I sat for hours in that little screen until I finished because I could not put it down. That’s what I mean about a true page turner.

This book has drama, action, love and a gut wrenching plot. I’ll try not to spoil much of it, but this is the very sad story of a mother of a teenager, her journey out of this world due to a terminal illness and how she stayed connected to this daughter after passing. She was loved and cherished by those around her, but she was not perfect. Megan is very real and relatable to any women’s struggles in life. Megan’s Way places in perspective the strong connection between parents and their children. The book also has a spiritual component.

When I walk away from a book I want more than entertainment, I want to learn something from it and Melissa Foster delivered that. This book reminds you the fact that life is very short, that we should not waste time in superfluous issues and move into what our purpose is. Finally I walked away with the reminder that our connections with others is all we truly take with us after we leave this world.

It is a must read book, but if you are very sensitive make sure your box of tissues is close by.

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Be blessed

9 thoughts on “Book Review: Megan’s Way

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  2. Carrie Green

    Before I purchased my Kindle, I used the Kindle for PC app, which may be helpful for you, too, since you only have a tiny phone screen, right now. Just wanted to write and tell you that I found Megan’s Way to be as much as a page-turner as you did, on a larger screen! Melissa Foster rocks, I can’t wait for the book launch of her new book!

    1. Hahaha! Thanks for your visit. I’m waiting for the Kindle Fire to come out, I want to play with it at a store before purchasing. I have my eye on that one because it will allow me to do way more than read 🙂

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