I know it sounds Chinese but it’s not.  It’s The Summer Novel Writing Challenge. It’s the new writing competition I just joined. It starts on June 1rst and ends August 31rst. This one is for a 100, 000 words novel. I love the idea as I’ve had some projects roaming my head for a while, but also because it give me more time even when it’s double the number of words.  The challenge for me: I’m still editing “The Road Home”, so writing and editing…hopefully I don’t cross the stories…LOL

I’m determined to cross the finish line and not have a “frenzy” moment.

What am I planning to write? The title will be Days of Dolores. It’s the story of a survivor, who endured not only emotional pain but a lot of physical pain as well and how she came through. It will be fiction based on a true story. No, it’s not a story from my life.

 I’m psyched about this opportunity. We’ll be back tomorrow with Part 3 of the Mercy series. Stay tuned.