I know it sounds Chinese but it’s not.  It’s The Summer Novel Writing Challenge. It’s the new writing competition I just joined. It starts on June 1rst and ends August 31rst. This one is for a 100, 000 words novel. I love the idea as I’ve had some projects roaming my head for a while, but also because it give me more time even when it’s double the number of words.  The challenge for me: I’m still editing “The Road Home”, so writing and editing…hopefully I don’t cross the stories…LOL

I’m determined to cross the finish line and not have a “frenzy” moment.

What am I planning to write? The title will be Days of Dolores. It’s the story of a survivor, who endured not only emotional pain but a lot of physical pain as well and how she came through. It will be fiction based on a true story. No, it’s not a story from my life.

 I’m psyched about this opportunity. We’ll be back tomorrow with Part 3 of the Mercy series. Stay tuned.

2 thoughts on “SumNoWriCha

    1. You can start by reading the short story on my e-reads. I will probably add a few more over the weekend. The Janitor (as part of Hope Whispers) is already available at
      The Road Home, I’m hoping will be ready for publishing late this summer. I’ll keep everyone posted.

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