Inspiraciones Caribenas

One more week to go! Remember that March 30th is your last day to submit your entries for our TRM en espanol contest.

Nos queda una semana para cerrar el concurso para el lanzamiento the TRM en espanol. El 30 de marzo es la fecha limite

Good luck to all. Buena suerte a todos los participantes

New TRM en Espanol and writing contest!

The Rising Muse announces their new page: The Rising Muse en Español. This page will be launched on April 1st 2010 with the winner of our Spanish writing competition with the theme, “Inspiraciones Caribeñas”. For those interested in competing submit your essays, poetry and short stories to until March 26th, 2010 at midnight. The winner will be featured as our very first post and will be interviewed for the blog.

We are also extending an invitation to all our inspirational writers who want to join our community to let us know on how to get your work publish through our blog. Good luck to all writers and let’s get inspired together.

The Rising Muse anuncia su nueva página : The Rising Muse en Español. Esta página comenzara el primero de abril del 2010 con el ganador de nuestra competencia de escritores en español con el tema, “ Inspiraciones Caribeñas”. Todos los interesados en competir envíen sus ensayos, poemas e historias al correo electrónico . Tienen hasta la media noche del 26 de marzo del 2010 para someter sus escritos. El ganador será publicado en la primera entrada de nuestro blog, además de ser entrevistado para que nuestra audiencia le conozca.

Aprovecho la oportunidad para invitar a todos aquellos escritores motivacionales que se quieren unir a nuestra comunidad y que desean que sus trabajos se publiquen en nuestro blog, a que se comuniquen con nosotros para hacerlo posible. Buena suerte a los competidores y recuerden que la inspiración no tiene limites de lenguaje.

Hello world!

Welcome to The Rising Muse.
We are a community of writers  in the pursue of inspiring our readers. As  we continue our  writing projects, those around us want to know more, what are we doing?, what is it about?  We wanted to have a place where we could share some of  our writing and our writing happenings for our readers and friends. Life is a journey, and we want to include all of you  in our writing  journey. Feedback is always welcome, let’s learn together how to be better by being inspired.

We also want this blog to be a place for inspiration, that place you go when you’re having a sucky day and need something to lift you up. We will try to create frequent postings for you to read and get your day going. (Read again, I said… we will try…LOL). We do have one condition for you our reader. If this blog or any of my writing touches your life in any way, you have to tell somebody else to come on board and join our rising muse community.

In the next few days we will be catching you up with our previous work, so that you can get to know us and see where our journey stands. From here, let’s  hop on the train and start the rising muse journey!!

Welcome aboard!

For today’s uplifting message:

I’ve been trying to read Psalm 69 all weekend. I just got to read the first three verses when  I got interrupted. For those familiar with the story of Job, who lost everything. He had many moments of crying out to God asking why things were happening to him. Psalm 69, to me, was one of David’s moment’s of frustration where everything that could go wrong did and you feel like you can’t hold on anymore. For the past couple of days I’ve had the image on an olive in my mind. To get pure virgin oil, the olive needs to be pressed and pressed. If you feel like Job or David…(or me), think of the olive and the greatness of that pure olive oil that God is trying to get from you.

Have a great day!