Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew

Tonight was the season finale of this show that shows some celebrities’ at the most vulnerable moments in their life while recovering from their addictions. I’m sure some of the audience of this show wants to know the intimate secrets of these famous people, others watch as part of the inspiration of their own recovery process regardless of their personal type of struggle. It’s at moments like this when you realize the blessing of the anonymity. I can’t even imagine how hard it is to face your greatest demons in front of a camera. These are real human beings with real struggles and in a way it’s very admirable that they have place themselves in the same position of being icons, but this time to show their strength through their weaknesses.

Before the final episode, they showed some of the episodes from the previous weeks. The episode “Family Weekend” showed the mother of Layne Staley, former lead singer of Alice in Chains who passed away due to drug use, giving a very moving speech to those in rehab. The part that moved me the most was when she said that the best life they could live was to live ordinary boring lives. It reminded me about a lot of the reflections I’ve been doing this week about enjoying the simple things in life.

It’s not a matter of not having aspirations; it’s a matter of not idolizing those aspirations and enjoy the journey towards our goals. Once again, stopping to smell the roses and enjoy the color in them, including the thorns. Yes, those painful experiences in our lives that come to teach us valuable lessons. Slow down the pace. LIVE! Life is not just the enjoyments and pleasure of the moment or our possessions. Life is every moment in our life, every minute, every second, every relationship, every tear, every breath, every heartbreaking moment and every smile. We only have one shot at this ride; let’s live the true meaning that our Creator intended for our lives!

Disclaimer: picture taken from VH1

Self Awareness

Reviewing some of my recent writings I have noticed that I write a lot of questions. I think that is because I’m in a period of my life were I’m evaluating the motives, thoughts and behaviors in my life. I have realized that sometimes we are so involved in our lives, in this auto pilot mode that we tend to forget to stop and think what is behind the things we do. We know the right things to say. We know the right way to act, but sometimes we have to be honest with ourselves in terms of what is in our hearts.

I did some writing today and then I did some reading of some blogs here on WordPress. Reading through other people’s experiences in life it made me realize how many times I have just closed my eyes to my own realities and acted oblivious to my surroundings.

Today I’m challenging myself to be more aware. The daily routine has to take a halt. Smelling the roses is more than just feeling that fresh aroma in your nose, it’s also closing your eyes and  getting in tune with the emotions that it provoke  and the memories it brings to you. It’s time to stop going through the motions of life without living life.