WF: Listening to the right voice

In a world filled with noise, we can’t help but listen to our surroundings. We can’t forget that yes we hear what the world wants to show us, but we have to believe what the Word says to us about our reality.

We can get caught up with the noises around us, the problems, the finances, our hurts and forget that there’s one an only truth, Our Lord and Savior.

This life is not about us and our satisfaction. We were created to serve our God, but He in his infinite love wanted us to enjoy our process of life and our communion with Him. Remember just to listen to the voice of your shepherd , to listen to the voice of truth.




WF:Worship Friday

Speak to your fears…loud!


Have you ever been in a difficult situation that becomes a part of your life and tends to stay with you? The event, place, person or circumstance may not be a constant in your life, but when it does appear you feel that knot in your stomach, the lack of breath. It just drives you right back to the original place.

What to do?


  • Acknowledge the feeling- Denying that is there will not make it any better. It will not make it go away, in fact it may creep its ugly head more often as it is has not been dealt with.
  • Look for its root-The feeling of uneasiness is more than trauma. What is it really that this experience causes you? Is it a sense of impotence, rejection, lack of control, etc.
  • Is it real?- Yes, is the feeling coming from a real imminent threat or just something that trigger a memory, but you’re not in real danger at this time.
  • Take action-Yes, once you acknowledge out loud what you’re feeling and you determine if your danger is real or not, you have to do something. If you’re in real danger you may need to remove yourself from the situation or call authorities or something of that nature to keep you safe.

If you’re not in immediate danger and it’s just your feelings bringing you down, speak to them!

Yes, remind yourself and your enemy that you can do all things in Christ who strengthens you; that no weapon formed against you shall prosper, that you are a prince or princess as children of the most high King and that the enemy has to flee.

  • Move- Once you’ve spoken to your feelings of fear, don’t stay in place marinating in your thoughts. Go do something, turn the music on, worship the Lord, call a friend, move out of that zone that is trying to keep you prisoner of your thoughts.

Hope this helps, it has helped me too!