What happened to the Frenzy?

I’ve been writing less and less and it’s not for lack of material, it’s for lack of time. I owe my readers an explanation of what happened to my Script Frenzy competition. In summary, I didn’t finish the race. The sad part about it is that I had only 18 pages to go when I stopped writing.

 Why did I stop writing it? Honestly, I liked the story, but the script format was a big struggle for me and I diverted my energy into other writing projects and other life events and simply gave up. I still want to write this particular story. I have to decide if to finish it on my own terms and place it in my e-reads for your reading pleasure or to turn it into a novel during my Nanowrimo competition this coming November. Your input regarding this will be greatly appreciated.

 In terms of projects, I’m working on editing “The Road Home”, and in the middle of writing a new novel whose title I have not decided yet.

 Thanks for your support.


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