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It’s rare that I would speak about someone in specific, but I think this particular situation warrants me to call out the particular person behind it. To be honest, since I don’t listen to hip hop music, I didn’t know who Kanye West was until the whole Swift Taylor incident. I do understand that people think that bad publicity is publicity anyway, but people have to measure the responsibility that comes with being in the public eye.

After the said incident, he has been involved in other less than desirable situations. In his public apology, he said he had been affected by his mother’s death and that he needed time to get himself together. I’ve read some feedback about him being mentally disturbed, but it makes me wonder if his whole crew it’s mentally disturbed as well when they go along his shenanigans.

The last Kanye thing is the upcoming release of his video “Monster” in which from the leaked preview, shows dead women, clad in lingerie, hang by chains around their necks. West making sexual moves toward dead or drugged women propped up in a bed, and a naked dead or drugged woman lays sprawled on a sofa.

I wonder how he would feel if this was one of his relatives being displayed in this video. This is another way to denigrate women, promote the numbness of violence towards women, which we have way enough of that. Women were not created to be men playthings or to be objectified. Women are a gift from God and as such they should be treated.

With so many campaigns against domestic violence and against violence against women, this video promotes exactly the opposite. This is not what we want our children to learn.  I encourage you to sign the petition below and send a message to our media producers that we are really done with just accepting anything that they flash in front of our eyes.

2 thoughts on “Monster

  1. How twisted. I have not seen the video, but if it is as you described, part of our culture is only degenerating even more if it would call such a thing “art”. Blessings,


    1. It really is, I did try to see the preview, just because I’m nosey and I’m someone who is not easily disgusted and within 15 seconds I had to turned it off. Thanks for your visit and hopefully enough people sign the petition to stop its release.

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