The shortest story

I’ve been reading a few blogs from other writers in the past couple of weeks and I’ve met a lot of interesting people. My fellow blogger Sonia posted this on her blog, about a story in 50 words.

Fifty words I said! It takes me more than that to say hello to somebody. Anyone who knows me has noticed that I’m a talker and my writing goes pretty much with who I am. However, I always like a challenge, so here’s my first attempt at a 50 words story. I admit that Sonia’s is a lot better, but here we go.

The morning from my dog’s point of view

She was curled up under the bed. Suddenly she heard it, that horrible sound from every morning. She jumped on the bed thinking, “If I could only find that thing!”

Her owner was still asleep.

“Please get up” She thought.

” The sooner you leave the house will be mine!”

I thought this picture would compliment the story, LOL!!

3 thoughts on “The shortest story

  1. I love it! I tend to be wordy too. The 50-word stories are challenging but they’ve taught me a lot. I’m learning to be more ruthless with cutting excess words. Plus they’re just a delightful creative exercise.

    1. I’m going to try again, but something more serious. It’s true, it’s a good exercise to make your point with less words. I had a lot of editing to do from my first little draft.
      Thanks for introducing me to the concept. It’s fun I’ll tell you.

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