WF: How he loves

I was driving home the other day and this song came on the radio. Have you ever been in love and a song brings your beloved to your mind? That’s exactly how I felt. I started thinking how even when I’m not good a corresponding his love. Even when I make mistakes, He always loves me.

God’s love is not a feeling but it’s palpable. His love is so supreme it’s indescribable. It always makes me smile. His presence is quite that nothing on earth matters when we are there in his presence. There’s no love like God’s love.

And as I’m writing this, my chest wants to burst, it’s almost hard to breathe, when I think about in spite of everything, in spite of me He still loves me.

Join me to worship the Lord this Friday and remember, how much he loves us

WF: Worship Friday


clip_image002This book certainly held my interest straight through to the very emotionalending. Mary Anne Benedetto

With the ever-constant presence of her closest friend, Aimee, Desiree slowly makes her way to God and learns the greatness of His power andlove. Cynthia

A very engaging story about faith, love, and friendship, and the trials and tribulations that life can bringyou. Jersey Gina

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