Missing you hurts

Missing your love hurts

Your love hurts

Hurts so deep inside

Every day that you’re not with me

Its like the world stops spinning

This pain is so real

This pain is so true

Missing you is killing

Every part of my soul

I pray to God for healing

I pray for his comfort

But not having you near me

Is taking me to a new low

I love you

God knows that’s true

And for every minute you’re away

My heart just keeps spitting out blood

This poem, although not included in the book, was  written by one of the main characters in my new novel, “A Brother’s Vow”. Join me in this journey through the deepest of pains, hitting rock bottom and healing. Once you’ve read the book, come back and tell us who do you think wrote it? If you guess right, you will get a free copy of my very first book, “Growth Lessons”.

A Brother's Vow (Final)A crazy promise made during a night out with his twin brother will change Randall’s life forever. Will he be able to keep the promise he made or will his past cause him to go against everything he’s worked hard to achieve?

“Randall Benson and his twin brother Brian think nothing will change in their happy, close-knit family. Their parents worked hard to establish a business and a heritage of godliness for their five sons. Randall does his part for the business, but doesn’t buy into that heritage thing. He just wants to have fun, until a series of events convinces him he has to change for the sake of the people he loves. His mother’s selfless love isn’t enough to change him. The protection and example of his brothers isn’t enough. The promises he’s desperate to keep aren’t enough. Are there really forces at work that Randall can’t control on his own?

This is a story about interconnected lives and the consequences of the actions of everybody in the family. It’s not just about one black sheep and his struggle to change. The spiritual lessons you can learn from each member of the Benson family surprise you as you make your way through this complex story and navigate their successes and failures. This isn’t women’s fiction. It’s complex adult fiction with a message for everyone who has promises to keep. By Mary C. Findley

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