Come as you are

I know it’s not Worship Friday, but we shall worship every day. I really like this song. It reminds me of my life before Christ. It reminds me of the times when I was going to church sitting in the last sit by the door so that nobody would see me. I would not talk to anyone; I didn’t want to make any relationships so that nobody knew me and the things that I was ashamed of. It wasn’t until I decided to resubmit my life to Christ that I realize that he had been waiting for me to get out of that corner all along and he didn’t care about those things that I kept holding on to.

Recently this song has been playing a lot on the radio, but now, being on the other side of that fence it has actually made me realize how some of us don’t help that process. Sometimes we act like the older brother from the prodigal son. I’m glad that when I was in the wilderness God sent people who were not judgmental and critical or I would have stayed in that wilderness longer. My shame and my condemnation would have kept me away from seeking the light because I would have thought that God was not going to accept me where I was, because those who “were with the Lord” around me would be telling me how unacceptable I was.

It cause me pause. There’s a saying that we may be the only bible a person will ever read. It causes me to evaluate how my attitudes, behaviors and words could repel or attract someone to Christ. Even with fellow Christians, we forget that not everyone is at the same maturity level. Do I encourage them to grow or do I discourage their faith making them feel that they don’t do enough?

We can sometimes hide behind providing correction to impart judgment. We say with authority that we are called to tell the truth in love. But what is love?


Is this what we practice when we tell the truth? Is what we’re saying our “truth” or God’s truth?

Food for thought

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