Prompt: Stage Fright

As I relayed to you guys a few weeks ago, one of the exciting things going into 2018 is that I’m taking a creative writing course. From time to time I will share some of my exercises. Now, remember that’s all they are, writing exercises and not a finish product.

So here is my first one. The prompt was stage fright. To my fellow writers out there, you can use this to create your own writing exercise and I would love it if you would share them with us.


Glen was ready for the performance of his lifetime. He had rehearsed endlessly for months to get to the theaters and finally present his monologue, “Glen: A Life Story” The day was finally here. The butterflies in his stomach were strong. He didn’t know if he was just nervous or about to get sick.

He was sitting on his dressing room reading the script one more time. He started feeling a cold shill down his spine and sweaty hands. He was no doubt suffering from an attack of stage fright. He started pacing in the dressing room. How could it be that he was so nervous? He had acted on stage before. That was true, but this was the first time that his own material would be portrayed.

There were so many questions on his mind: Will the audience like it? Will my friends be there? Will I’ll be laughed off the stage? Finally, will it really feel satisfying to fulfill my lifelong dream?

Someone knocked on the door, but Glen was so immersed in his thoughts that he didn’t hear it. Kathy, his producer opened the door and approached him. He was with his back towards her and she just wrapped her arms around him without saying a word. Finally, Glen stopped pacing and allowed himself to breath and released his soul into that warm embrace. He felt safe. He knew Kathy was a very particular producer and she wouldn’t have accepted to do his monologue if she didn’t think it was good.

The sound of clapping hands interrupted their embrace. It was the final call to the theater. The curtain was about to be lifted. It was time for Glen to walk out. He took a deep breath and walked behind the curtain. He knelt with his back to the audience as he had practice so many times. The applause became deafening. The lights went out, the curtains up and there was Glen.

I’m having so much fun with this I had to share.

Until next time


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