Silent drops

a drop of pain inside the heart
is tended by the hand that feeds
words so sour, sharp and tart
cause the heart to endlessly bleed
told it can never be more than nothing
told that its progress is lost in meaninglessness
told that its existence was all for wasting
told that its being was never meant for this
a drop of pain inside the heart
planted by careless and selfish ones
a lifetime spent trying to put it apart
from a small hope that from the Creator comes
believes that everything it trusted was delusion
believes that care was just caprice
believes that discarding is the conclusion
of this life’s final puzzle piece
a drop of pain inside my heart
will never leave even with all my strength
trying to find my brand new start
seems like phantoms only gained
crying at the hopelessness
crying at the emptiness
crying for anything but this
crying unheard in this silence

 a drop of pain inside the heart
is  protected by the love that lives 
reaching for my brand new start
within the hope that the Creator gives


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