WF: How Much

This week the focus was on love demonstrations to those in our lives. We know how much we love others, but do we know how much you are loved, especially by He, the one who is love itself. Join me to worship the Lord knowing that we are worthy of his love, not because of anything we did, but because he created us to Love us.

WF: Worship Friday

Giveaway Winners:

As promised, today we announce the winners of our Book Giveaway: Love Letters to my Queen Bride. Know that you will be individually contacted via email to provide you with your awarded copy in the format of your choice (kindle or paperback)

And the winners are:

  • Rachel Hardeman
  • De Fleischer
  • Michelle Jacobson

Into the arms of fire

Running into the arms of fire

Without a way to stop

I watch my flesh melting

I can smell my hair burn

But instead of running away

I go deeper into the burning wood.

It’s a paralyzing fear

It’s the petrifying peace

while all this fire

controls everything inside me.

I fight the thoughts and feelings

as I burn inside this fire

is it all true? Is it all a lie?

will I lose everything at once?

While my mind and my body

get consumed

can’t stop but wonder

If I’ll live this dream

or reality will doom.

Black Knight

Why are you showing up for battle?

Why now?

Why not earlier? Why not later?

You gallop into this war

attempting to be a hero

of an already lost battle.

Oh brave black knight!

Long rainy nights are ahead

If you could only understand

If you could only see.

Take a peek inside the castle

You will see,

there are no survivors,

you will not make it alive!

Oh brave black knight!

I wish you had a fighting chance!

To see you at the top of the mountain

proclaiming the victory.

Will you make it brave black knight?

Will you surrender before starting the fight?

Will you go home and not even start the journey?

Or will you die in the field fighting the good fight?

Painful writing

Someone brought to my attention today that I had stopped my script frenzy updates. I guess it’s because I’m having so many difficulties with this script, it’s hard for me to describe the already painful experience after using what is left of my brain in actually describing what these characters are supposed to be doing.  As my readers know this is my first script.

I truly believe that God is teaching me something through this experience; get out of your comfort zone. I’m a novelist. I can write a short stories and essays. I’ve even done a poem or two and even received recognition for some of them in earlier years. Why is this so hard? I don’t know if it’s the structure of it, or the unfamiliarity. I have to admit that I struggle adapting  to new things, so I guess this writing experience is a reflection not only of where my life is, but also where God is taking me. Now, I am almost 95% sure that God doesn’t want me to be a script writer, that’s not what I’m saying. He’s calling me to move out of my comfort zone and take risks and experience new things. It does sound great in theory, who doesn’t like something new.  Nobody tells you that just like a beautiful vase that needs first to be molded and placed in the fire to get to that final product; those new things that we’re embracing have a struggle of their own.

This weekend I was about to throw in the towel. I have already written in my mind the blog posting announcing my withdrawal from the competition, then an e-mail came through. It was from one of our frenzy sponsors advising us of what they call, “the moment”, and how to get over it. The email busted every excuse I had come up to get out of the race…once again, I was busted! So I sat in front of my computer and wrote another six pages. Even with my kicking and screaming. Amazingly I’m ahead of schedule.

The story…, it’s not quite what I had envision. It has taken a life of its own, but even then I’m enjoying it again.  So here’s where we are… Page 44/100 of my script on Day 12.

New TRM en Espanol and writing contest!

The Rising Muse announces their new page: The Rising Muse en Español. This page will be launched on April 1st 2010 with the winner of our Spanish writing competition with the theme, “Inspiraciones Caribeñas”. For those interested in competing submit your essays, poetry and short stories to until March 26th, 2010 at midnight. The winner will be featured as our very first post and will be interviewed for the blog.

We are also extending an invitation to all our inspirational writers who want to join our community to let us know on how to get your work publish through our blog. Good luck to all writers and let’s get inspired together.

The Rising Muse anuncia su nueva página : The Rising Muse en Español. Esta página comenzara el primero de abril del 2010 con el ganador de nuestra competencia de escritores en español con el tema, “ Inspiraciones Caribeñas”. Todos los interesados en competir envíen sus ensayos, poemas e historias al correo electrónico . Tienen hasta la media noche del 26 de marzo del 2010 para someter sus escritos. El ganador será publicado en la primera entrada de nuestro blog, además de ser entrevistado para que nuestra audiencia le conozca.

Aprovecho la oportunidad para invitar a todos aquellos escritores motivacionales que se quieren unir a nuestra comunidad y que desean que sus trabajos se publiquen en nuestro blog, a que se comuniquen con nosotros para hacerlo posible. Buena suerte a los competidores y recuerden que la inspiración no tiene limites de lenguaje.

Silent drops

a drop of pain inside the heart
is tended by the hand that feeds
words so sour, sharp and tart
cause the heart to endlessly bleed
told it can never be more than nothing
told that its progress is lost in meaninglessness
told that its existence was all for wasting
told that its being was never meant for this
a drop of pain inside the heart
planted by careless and selfish ones
a lifetime spent trying to put it apart
from a small hope that from the Creator comes
believes that everything it trusted was delusion
believes that care was just caprice
believes that discarding is the conclusion
of this life’s final puzzle piece
a drop of pain inside my heart
will never leave even with all my strength
trying to find my brand new start
seems like phantoms only gained
crying at the hopelessness
crying at the emptiness
crying for anything but this
crying unheard in this silence

 a drop of pain inside the heart
is  protected by the love that lives 
reaching for my brand new start
within the hope that the Creator gives



You are the mirror where I see all my blemishes

You are the obscurity that brings out the real me

You are the most sacred and the scariest

You are the place where I can connect with all divine

You are the place where I can’t hide

You are one of the most desired pleasures

You are where I can find the peace to my soul





the ethereal, vibrant wind that sweeps us into the bright color land

a place with neither time nor gravity

only us as one


the thick, sickening sludge that sucks us into a dark pool of unceasing torment

a place of weighted moments and days

We endure them alone.

You are my dove and I have seen your heart dragged

By the swinging pendulum of events

through love, through pain, through love and through pain.

You are in pain and I see you there, beyond the reach of my words, my affection

My whispers muted by the roar of your inner collapse.

I see your tears, so clear, like crystal jewels

Behind them is the abyss that knows no beauty.

You are imprisoned, burned and beaten, consumed

All I can do is look at you, you are so beautiful.

The mire does not taint you; the torment does not maim you

The affliction does not hide you; the wounds do not harm you.

This is what I see.

I won’t lose sight of you, dove.

I can’t forget the golden bliss, the tender delight

the soft, warm peace that promises to free you

and keep us in love’s comfort.



Today I’m grateful

 that I am not where I was yesterday,

and that I’m just a step away

 from where I will be tomorrow.

Today may look gray,

but remember that gray

It’s just a mixture of black and white,

just like we all are,

the dark in us,

the light in us.

So if the day has been gloomy and gray,

look for the ray of sunshine between the clouds,

 It’s the sun peaking out trying to reach out to you.

May the sun shine through the clouds in your life today!