February Project

The purpose of this blog was not only to share some of my writing, but to also keep my readers in the loop of my upcoming projects. I want to be able to interact with my readers and make them a part of my work. Most of you are a part of my life already as family and friends.

My first writing project this year is a competition called “Family Stories”. This will be my February project. So now I’m trying to figure out which story to submit for this competition and you can be part of that decision. These are my choices:

Waffles and Coffee– A woman who believes she is the perfect wife and mother. She’s very active in her family life, but doesn’t realize that the everyday routine is making her lose sight of her marriage and if she doesn’t wake up she might end up losing what she cherishes the most.

The Cave– A family of four goes hiking for a winter vacation. They get lost finding refuge in a cave and discover that getting lost was the way to find themselves.

Your vote counts, thanks for your support


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