If you had a time machine…

Time Machine Clockwork
Image by Pierre J. via Flickr

I’m sure that given the opportunity and if time machines existed, most of us would take the opportunity to go back and change some things from our past. When presented with the question, it’s kind of hard for me to precise the moment I would like to change. I guess that even when I’m not proud of all my choices and decisions, I’ve come to the conviction that I am the result of my experiences, positive and negative ones, and at this point in my life I’m pretty happy with who I am, so probably other than accept my first credit card, I may now have much to change.

When we live in the land of ifs we don’t learn to appreciate our experiences as learning, growing life lessons. Every bruise, scratch and praise formed us into who we are now. Sometimes I see people who have had what in my eyes was a more supportive and provided upbringing and I wonder if some of the things in my childhood would have been different, if my life would have been easier or different. At the same time, I think I wouldn’t have the life tools that I have if my past would have been different. I believe that we are born with an ordained mission, and without proper training and the necessary tools I would not be able to accomplish my purpose.

Life for us who believe should mean an honor, like in the military we were chosen for a purpose. Our purpose is battle against an enemy and we all have specialized services to accomplish in each mission. Our training is different depending on our position in the field. The difference is we’re never fired from our position, unless we chose to relinquish it.

Back to the time machine illustration and the things that we need to change, sometimes we make mistakes, we stray away from our mission, we act against our plan and you may say that even though those are still life lessons we want to change those out of our lives. It is there were the Grace of God covers our weakness and gives us the opportunity to start over, the only thing is that our new beginning finds us stronger and wiser from those same mistakes we would have wanted to avoid.

So then think again, given the opportunity to have a time machine, would you still change something?


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