Worship Friday 5/20/11

In the last few days, I’ve continued to think about how we forget easily how to translate the love for one another. We tend to think of loving those who we like and be charitable with institutions at the most. I think is lack of sight of who is our “neighbor” the one that Mark 12:31 talks about.

This week I talked about inequality and how we judge people by race, ethnicity, social or economical status. But we forget something very important. We all are equal in the eyes of God. “Rich and poor have this in common:  The LORD is the Maker of them all.” Proverbs 22:2

That’s why I pray that God gives us a glimpse of his eyes and the way he sees us. That’s why I chose this song from Brandon Heath, “Give me your eyes” to worship the Lord today.


One thought on “Worship Friday 5/20/11

  1. I love this song too! His love for all of us is sooo profound! If we only took a second to consider His love for everyone, to see from His perspective everyone (not just those around our sphere of work or home) it would totally change us in an instant.

    Yes Lord, Give us your eyes. Prepare us for what we see.

    “Give me your eyes for just one second.
    Give me your eyes so I can see everything that I keep missing.
    Give me your love for humanity.
    Give me your arms for the broken hearted, the ones that are far beyond my reach.
    Give me your heart for the one’s forgotten.
    Give me your eyes so I can see.”

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