Reader’s Choice: God’s plan not our plans

This is the second post requested by one of our readers. Growing up everyone asks you what do you want to do when you grow up? Nobody asks you, have you discovered God’s purpose in your life? How many times we choose a career path or a living because of it’s financial profits, the propensity of power or our personal exposure instead of our gifts, talents and purpose?

The world view of human life is formed from the point of view of achieving status, hoarding possession and being selfish about our own well being. When we discover Christ, we realize that life has nothing to do with that.

So what is the plan? First of all we are not here by coincidence. God created humanity for a purpose. In both Genesis 1:26 and Genesis 2:15 it is said that God created mankind to rule and work the earth. In other words, it’s not ours, we are here to take care of it. We were also created to use our gifts and talents for the Glory of God and to disciple the nations of the world.

Individually we also have a plan and a personal purpose. We read in Ephesians 1:11 NIV “In him we were also chosen, having been predestined according to the plan of him who works out everything in conformity with the purpose of his will.” We need to seek God and discover what our individual purpose is. In my book Growth Lessons there’s a lesson about “Operating in your gifts” that I would recommend if you’re searching for your personal purpose.

Life lived with purpose its worth living, otherwise we wander our days unsatisfied. When we live for our own goal, within our own plan and not those that we were created to fulfill, likewise life is unsatisfied.

We first need to discover our individual plan, that in the large scheme of things will be attached to the larger plan. Once we do, we will find purpose, fulfillment and satisfaction. No earthly riches, fame or power can accomplish that.

Remember,”Therefore do not be vague and thoughtless and foolish, but understanding and firmly grasping what the will of the Lord is” Ephesians 5:17

“The greatest tragedy in life is not death, but life without reason. It’s dangerous to be alive and not know why you were given life.”Anonymous

Be blessed

PS. Remember that we will have Best Seller Author Shawn Lamb this coming Wednesday on The Rising Muse talking about the influence of her faith in her writing and presenting her new book. I know we are all looking forward to her visit.

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