WF: God of Wonders

The desired Friday has arrived. As we all get ready to enjoy the weekend, regardless if you have big plans or not, don’t ever forget He who created you and allows you to enjoy every breath. He who provides everything you have around you and allows you access to it. He who created the sun to warm us up ( a little too much last week) but then sent us the rain to water and refresh us this week (at least where I am)

Let’s worship the Lord, the God of Wonders.

WF: Worship Friday

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2 thoughts on “WF: God of Wonders

  1. Vivian Gates

    God of Wonders I love that because He’s ALL SO AWESOME AND WORTHY TO BE PRAISED. I really enjoy reading your Blog as a matter of fact it has become one of my favorites on the computer. May God continue bless, rule and abide in you upon this successful journey that we call life. I look forward to reading your book

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