WF: One thing remains

I was reading the bible the other day. It’s been a busy week. I’ve had family from out of town to celebrate my mother’s birthday. Of course I never forget about my main love, but have to admit that I have not dedicated as much time or attention as I usually do to my quiet time with God. So this particular morning in my prayer time I was thanking God for his love and for his patience.
Although I know God doesn’t want us in condemnation, I have not been able to grow to the point of not feeling guilty about the times when I don’t spend enough time with God. I have this feeling that I’m ignoring my father, my husband, my love and that he should be my priority.
So that’s why that morning I was thanking him for his patience with me on those days where I’m not the best daughter, his best wife and his best lover. Then I opened the Word and read in Psalm 118:1-4

Thank God because he’s good,

because his love never quits.

Tell the world, Israel,

“His love never quits.”

And you, clan of Aaron, tell the world,

“His love never quits.”

And you who fear God, join in,

“His love never quits”

I felt that it was an answer to my prayer. My love knows my heart. He knows that I am always thinking about him, that I’m always thanking him for how he provides for me in every aspect.  For that I’m grateful, for having a love that is really unconditional.
Join me in praising Him with this song that actually talks about how his love never fails and never quits on us.

WF: Worship Friday

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