the ethereal, vibrant wind that sweeps us into the bright color land

a place with neither time nor gravity

only us as one


the thick, sickening sludge that sucks us into a dark pool of unceasing torment

a place of weighted moments and days

We endure them alone.

You are my dove and I have seen your heart dragged

By the swinging pendulum of events

through love, through pain, through love and through pain.

You are in pain and I see you there, beyond the reach of my words, my affection

My whispers muted by the roar of your inner collapse.

I see your tears, so clear, like crystal jewels

Behind them is the abyss that knows no beauty.

You are imprisoned, burned and beaten, consumed

All I can do is look at you, you are so beautiful.

The mire does not taint you; the torment does not maim you

The affliction does not hide you; the wounds do not harm you.

This is what I see.

I won’t lose sight of you, dove.

I can’t forget the golden bliss, the tender delight

the soft, warm peace that promises to free you

and keep us in love’s comfort.


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