$50 million vs. 50 years

Today the blog prompt for WordPress is which one would you rather have, $50 million or 50 years? Needless to say the $50 million are tempting, but I think I would choose the extra 50 years as long as I’m healthy. My purpose in life is not to become rich, as I’m already rich in blessings. Yes, the money could help me do some of the things I would want to do.

I believe that God has a bigger plan for me, therefore he can make those things that I’m purposed to do without the $50 million. I don’t have a business mindset, so I would probably misuse that gift. However with more time to live, again, as long as I’m strong and healthy, I could give more of myself to the future generations, continue to work in spreading the Word of God and learning new things before I go to my eternal resting place.

The sad part about the extra time is to see loved ones depart before you. That would not be fun, but the hope of eternity and the ability to reach out to others, would be worth it.

Now back to reality, since I don’t have an extra $50 million or the guarantee of a single extra day of life; I choose to use the resources God has given me in the best way possible. I choose to live the best life I can today, and enjoy every gift as if it was the last one.

God bless you!

6 thoughts on “$50 million vs. 50 years

  1. Loved the post. However I would choose the money. Let me explain.

    First I would purchase a new bus for our little congregation. We began September with only one kid coming on Wednesdays and the old church van was fine. The bulk of the congregation was over 70. Now we have over 26 [20 middle/high school} and several seeking couples. Then I would give enough to the building fund to get started. And finally my hubbie could retire from his job and we could be full time evangelists until God calls us home.

    I will be a regular reading of your thoughts, for you truly have the gift of encouragement and teaching. God bless!

    1. Debra, first of all thanks for your visit and subscription and your kind words. All of if blesses me tremendously. I’m also very glad to hear how God is growing your congregation, that’s definetly a sign of your and your hubby’s obedience and faithfulness. I’ll make sure to include you guys in my prayers for that continual growth. The church that I attend started with 6 people and now we have over 10,000 members, so it can happen.

      I see your point, within your call that would totally make sense and even when right now you don’t have the $50 million, I pray provision for your dream to come true! 🙂

      God bless you!

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