Book Signing Lessons

036As some of you know this past Saturday was my first official book signing for Growth Lessons. Needless to say it was quite an experience. As a new author I didn’t know what to expect. The great thing was that most of my attendants were not only pleased with the event but admitted to have never attended a book signing before, so I guess that helped with their expectations.

The preparation for this event was quite interesting and challenging, but it reminded me every step of the way that I’m just part of the plan and that the King has it all under his control; therefore all I had to do was show up and string along. I can tell you about things being delivered at the last minute, while I was attempting to keep my shreds of sanity but what really happened that day is what it’s worth mentioning.

First of all I have to thank all of you who attended and made the day a special one. I kept hearing, “this day is about you”…it wasn’t, it was about each and every one of you and the things that God wanted to share with you through me, I hope it made a difference in your life. I do have to publicly thank Five Spot Frozen Yogurt for opening their doors to me and for being so 037accommodating. They are fabulous and have some great yogurt worth eating even if it’s 15 degrees outside, so if you’re anywhere close to NE Atlanta, go check it out. Also my four angels : Dora, Marion, Dee and Tonya who put up with my craziness ( I can be just a little neurotic when it comes to events…although I have to say I did very good this time) and for making it seems all so easy. God bless you.

Now to the good stuff. So what happened during the three hours where we were sitting there with yummy yogurt and chatting away. Here are some of the highlights…

  • Relationships were rebuilt. Yes, there were folks that had not seen or talk to each other in a long time and unknowingly found each other there and reconnected.
  • Relationships were built- There was such a camaraderie with people who never knew each other and started talking to each other and finding things in common and exchanging information.
  • God touched some hearts- I read a lesson from the book to those present. We all felt the presence of God in that place and later on, someone who has not been following the faith was asking me information about the church I attend and the time of the services because they felt a touch from the Lord.
  • Friendships grew– I had the most pleasant visit from my friend Author Tracy Ruckman and her husband Tim. Tracy and I met online through being authors of Grace and Faith, but had never seen each other face to face. When we saw each other was like embracing my best friend and like we had just not seen each other in a week. She’s not only an amazing woman, but don’t believe what you see in her pictures, she’s way more beautiful than that; inside and out. Smile
  • Love and laughter was everywhere– When the event was over I was so tired, but so happy. I received so many expressions of love, shared so many moments of laughter.

I want to share a small story that touched my heart. This little girl walked up 038to me with her mother as we were clearing our tables. She was attracted by the balloons I had. She saw the writing on the wall (literally) and asked me what was the occasion. I explained to her that I had written a book and had come to this place to share my book with other people. Her family, I discovered through the conversation are Christians, so I started a conversation with the mother about the book and Jesus. I gave the girl a balloon which was what had attracted her in the first place. The girl tells me, “ I sing in church”. I chuckled at her and said. “ I love praise and worship but baby that is not my gift”…she smiled back and said, “No, yours is to write books for Jesus” It just felt like validation from heaven.

I’m just grateful for whatever God is wanting to do with me and through me. I can’t deny that I enjoy writing, but even more if it’s for his Glory.

Many blessings!!

10 thoughts on “Book Signing Lessons

  1. Oh my – I’m sorry we missed that precious little girl, her comment made me bawl – and then shout Hallelujah!!

    It was such a wonderful event, and indeed, God was present in a mighty way.

    I thank God for connecting us – can’t wait to see all that He does through you!

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