Technology in our relationship with God

So I arrive at church, lighter than I usually do these days. I used to carry this big bag with my bible and my notebook, but not anymore. I sit no farther than the third row and see the person next to me with their Ipad getting ready for service…it’s a new world out there.

The reality is that technology has change the methods that we use for worship and bible study. I can’t deny that I have jumped into some of those wagons and I’m not sure that I could turn back unless I had to.

The internet has invaded out lives, which is not necessarily a negative thing. It has allowed us opportunities that we didn’t have before. You wouldn’t be reading this article if it wasn’t for your access to it. It has allowed people with physical challenges to be able to be ministered to, evangelism in other countries and yes easy access to the word.

Like I said at the beginning I was always carrying a bible around. I had my big bible by my nightstand (which I still use), then another one for church and a smaller one in my purse. Now I use the YouVersion app on my phone, which I admit has me spoiled because I can search for a scripture in whatever language I want and version I want within seconds. I also committed to read the bible in a year as one of my New Year Resolutions. My phone alerts me at the time I scheduled to do so and shows me the corresponding scriptures of that day, this means that I can do that if I’m on my lunch break, stuck waiting at a doctor’s office or sitting in my living room. Yes, I can do that with a paper bible, but not everybody carries one of those all the time and let’s be honest, our cell phones have become a limb in our lives.

It also allows me to give a scripture to a friend in need because it has a search option for those times where I know what the scripture says but not necessarily where I can locate it.

Is everyone on board with these methods? No. I still get weird looks when the pastor says “look up in your bible Ephesians….” and instead of a book I get out my phone. It makes me want to tell the lady two seats to my left, “it’s my bible, no I’m not playing Angry Birds or texting my BFF or even taking your picture to post it on Facebook, although right now it would be hilarious” Which by the way I don’t understand Angry Birds so I don’t play the game anyway even outside of church, but I digress.

Many churches have the ability to stream their services nowadays and have several campus where people are just gathered in a room watching a big screen and experiencing the same service. The ability of those streaming’s allow people who are sick, in hospitals, nursing homes, vacations or mission trips to be united with their congregation in a different way.

Don’t get me wrong, I still love my paper bible. I’m a romantic and to me sitting at the feet of my Lord to pray and spend quiet time with him means my big bible, my notebook and silence. At the same time the technology is catching with us and more and more we will see people utilize bible apps in gadgets for their needs.

As always I like to know your thoughts in this topic. How has technology changed the way you study the Word of God? Do you feel that it makes any difference for you to read the word from a screen than from a paper Bible? 

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7 thoughts on “Technology in our relationship with God

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  2. Bonnie

    I also take my iPad to church. I take notes during the sermon and read the scripture passage (I use Olive Tree). There’s a new app in iTunes that’s great for recording notes each week from sermons, Bible studies, quiet time or wherever you get Biblical teaching. It’s called The New You in Christ. The app then encourages you to record your reflections and actions related to what you’ve learned. And there is a place to record prayer notes. And it’s free! It really keeps me focused.

  3. Thanks for all your comments. I just got a Kindle Touch for Christmas and I’m loving it more than I thought I would. I have not downloaded a bible there yet, but I have a few books and you can really cuddle up with that thing and have a good time.

    I need to get to the gym…LOL! But I also can see how it would be an asset on a treadmill. I saw a comment on facebook that made a lot of sense, it said something to the effect that when people are sometimes resistant to change, but change is coming and that’s why sometimes the weird looks ocurr, but at the end of the day they may just be curious about how does that thing work? 🙂

  4. I also use my youversion app during church. Carrying two diaper bags, a purse, and a Bible got to be a bit much. 🙂 I bought a kindletouch after Christmas and I’ve really enjoyed being able to use it to do my Bible reading at the gym. I’m a book lover at heart though, so like you, I have to have a paper version in hand when I sit down to do some serious studying.

  5. Ah yes. I have YouVersion on my Android. And I’ve gotten looks when I pull out my phone because people think I’m reading email or surfing and don’t realize I’m in the Word! I still like my Bible better, though, and only use the Android when I have absentmindedly forgotten my paper version. I am a note taker and underliner. And I like flipping through and seeing (historically) the verses that have meant so much to me. One day, I’ll leave my bible to my child or grandchild so they can see the road too.
    I do think, though, in 10 years…maybe less…we’ll be seeing a lot more electronic devices in Church and there will be more improved software for note taking. So.. watch out traditionalists, the tide is turning!

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