WF: Blessed be your name

I don’t know how is it where you are… Where I am is cold, rainy and windy. After a short week for some, a long and arduous for others; we need to remember that God gave us each and every one of those days, the ones filled with sun, the ones filled with rain, the warm ones and the cold ones, the happy ones and the challenging ones…and in all of them let’s make the choice to bless HIS name!

Happy Friday!

WF: Worship Friday

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2 thoughts on “WF: Blessed be your name

  1. My heart sighs whenever I click on your blog. The photo is just gorgeous! I love inclement weather. God has made it so I have to stay inside anyway because of my allergies, so I never complain. We can always find good in perceived bad, can’t we. It’s because of whose we are.

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