Milestone Birthday…

Tomorrow is the designated day to celebrate another year gifted by the Lord to me. As those who have followed me from some time I do inventory twice a year. For my birthday I do inventory of my life and at the end of the year I do inventory of my career.

This year, it’s one of those milestones birthdays, I’m turning 18. Naty why are you lying to your readers?, LOL! Tell the truth, it’s the big 4-0. Milestone birthdays tend to place in perspective where you are in life. In the past couple of weeks I looked at where I thought I would be when I got to be this age. Although the answer was, no life didn’t turn out how I expected, I actually like where I am right now.

My life experiences have given me the wisdom to know that if I would have gotten the things I wanted on my timetable I would probably not be the person I am today. Those same experiences have allowed me the relationship with God that I have today and I wouldn’t change that for anything and actually gives me the opportunity to grow closer to HIM in this relationship.

No, I’m not living my dream, but once I surrendered to Christ I’ve started to live the dream He had for me when he created me and it was a dream more beautiful that I could have ever dream. For that I’m grateful. I’m grateful for another year of life. This has been a year of growth and good lessons.

Be encouraged my friend, he always has a better plan.

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