Are You Weary?

Have you ever felt like you’ve given everything you have to give? Have you ever lost hope, not because you don’t think that good things can come up, but because you’ve poured out so much that you believe that you won’t have the energy to even receive the blessing?

The good news is that we serve a God whose well never runs dry. His mercies are new every morning and what is dead he can bring back to life. When all hope is gone, when our energy has been used and wasted he says to rest in him that he will give us the strength like eagles.

Do you know how strong an eagle is ?

  • It can lift a full grown Fox from the ground
  • It can fly at high altitudes.
  • It’s almost like a flying human with sharp senses and a lot more strength.

Yes, you don’t have the strength, but he’ll be strong for you. Yes, you don’t have hope, but he provides you with faith. You may feel dead inside, but just like Lazarus he can bring you back to life, and since all you need to move a mountain is a mustard seed size faith, trust in the Lord, speak to the mountain, speak to the pain that in Jesus name what’s been dead will not only come back to life, but he will make brand new.


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